Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 21st April 2017

Easter Egg Roll a BIG success- by being smaller

We made the annual White House Easter Egg Roll a much smaller and more family focused event.    That was deliberate and definitely not as the result of poor planning, organization or support by big show-biz names.  Definitely.  Of course. So true.  At least it was different from Obama's roll in almost every way possible.

World peace hovers on a knife-edge what with the Syria-Russia situation, North Korea's challenging rhetoric challenging our own and ISIS continuing to wage a war of terror.  They hit Paris again this time and that is significant for Sunday's elections over there.  Hopefully China will have some calming influence on Korea and the fact that our fleet never really headed for Korea as I had suggested but actually for exercises around Australia should help. 

I'm reminded of the lyrics a famous song from The Sound of Music "How do you solve a problem like Korea?" OK so it was originally "Maria" but they didn't know then what we know now.

Anyway, world politics has entered an ice age and all the US people want to protest about is the publication of my tax returns?


Of course I pay my taxes.  And of course I negotiated them down to the best deal I could get.  That's what I do.  That's what I do for me and it's what I'm continuing to do as President.

Sean Spicer made another big gaff and even that didn't deflect attention away from my personal finances!  I sure don't need Spicer making any more unfortunate public statements. 

I'm more than capable of doing that for myself.

Invited Sarah Palin for a visit and she brought Ted Nugent along.  This is the guy whose songs attacked Obama and appeared to threaten Hillary Clinton.  What a great modern poet that man is! It was a pleasure to have a photo-op with them both.

Damned bad luck that the deportation of Juan Manuel Montes has fallen on the lists of that hater Gonzalo Curiel.  OK so Montes had lived in the US since childhood but that just means his luck finally ran out in the latest crackdowns.  But will Curiel see it that way?  About as likely as seeing me host foreign dignitaries at that Camp David dive instead of my beloved Mar-a-Lago.  So it costs a bit more in travel and protection details - what's the big deal??




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