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THE Free and Truly Private Social Media Platform. No annoying Ads, No prying Apps, No Big Brother monitoring, No nonsense. No Kidding!

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- support personal privacy & freedom

- free membership - ad-free - app-free - freedom of speech

- use an anonymous userid and generic profile image to maintain your privacy

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- only those you nominate can see your posts - from 1 contact all the way to fully public - you are totally n control

- nobody can share your posts beyond your target circulation

- privacy & security sufficient to protect public figures, celebrities, public servants and you!

 grow your contact network

- share content and invite new telltrail contacts via external emails

- invite contacts to join your network directly using email list import

organise contacts into friend groups

- your telltrail contacts & friends have no default special access privileges except to stay in touch

- nickname facilities help you remember who's who in your contacts

buy & sell for free

- you may notice that we have a temporary glitch on importing ebay ads but we're confident that will be fixed shortly

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